Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus


I am having a great time with Dana.

I am up too late, but who cares. Renren hasn't called me so I don't know if we're getting together tomorrow.

Lots of laughing here.

"I would cure your Diabetes with my boob babies!" after Mum mentioned that I was like a pregnant woman with the size of my breasts, and I decided the babies were in my boobs, and thus boob babies.

"You do it the same only different." Yeah, that doesn't even make mistake.

"She was kidnapped by the Diabetes half-way home. They had green coats. The is hazy. It is on an island, from which no one returns, except for those who do."

"We are in sync. We pee every 10 minutes, but it's really every 5 minutes because we alternate."

"Pee I have to shit! I mean shit I have to pee!"

"She can put it in her mouth. Her whole nipple! Seriously!"

Also, I am not so sure there is any reason for any woman to be able to fit her entire nipple in her mouth. Evolution and anatomy, you are strange creatures.

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