Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Dance Memories

I just found found the Franklin Dance Workshop CD I got the last year I was there, when I fractured my hip.

My song was Dirty Pop and another. I laughed so hard. I still know the song! Now I remember why that song is always in my head! It was my last dancing song, the one I knew when I fractured! Oh it's just too much. Love that I got to hear Christine talking to the younger jazz dancers, since for them she records one with her instructing them as well as the regular practice song.

And the end song that we did every year! Pip Pip Cheerio or whatever! Oh, goodness, I knew that song too! It's so easy to forget that, during almost all of my childhood and into my adolescence, I was there EVERY WEEK dancing. And I was pretty good!

Awwr, sweet childhood memories.

Dear 8th Grade Kiwi,

You were so right to snark your dance song. I am still giggling about them. "Dirty pop. drrrrty dirty drrrrty pop. What's the deal with this pop life and when is gonna wear out?" Laughs so hard. You go girl. You and your snark are right on!

(And keep on helping the younger ones. You know they need it. Just remember when you were in the class a year younger than you were supposed to be! How obnoxious, eh? And beware of Liz. But even if she's a liar, she's fun, so I won't judge you for hangin' around her. Smiles. You're awesome!)

Fresher Year (Almost) Kiwi
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