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Interesting Friday the Thirteenth.

Spain seemed to attempt to sway me to become an animal major instead of a plant science major, saying that it could be just as good or better for becoming a conservationist in the future. She brought up how the plant science department doesn't prepare students well enough for college, that there are no electives there, and that it isn't science-y enough for me. She said she pins me as the "bookworm" type that enjoys learning purely for learning and that adores the sciences. That is quite true. What she meant to do with that knowledge is something I will not do. It did get me thinking quite a lot, and I was as a shadow until lunch.

I decided to go to Watson during lunch. All day I had had two animal science teachers and an English teacher talk to me about the majors and interests. What about the plant science influence, the one I care most for? It needed a chance, too. So Watson it was. I went to her, and she spoke so eloquently and with such passion I thought I might faint. The plant science department sends just as many students off to college (they have four students in one year going to Stockbridge on early admittance!), it's quite academic enough (the Natural Resources cluster the most academic of them all!), and that there are indeed electives. The electives thing is somewhat new, but there all the same. The plant science staff are certainly trying to improve the program and it shows.

Most importantly, she did not insult the animal science department as she informed me all of this, as Spain had of the plant science department. Instead, Watson only pointed out their ignorance as to the changes that have been coming around in the way the department is run and what it offers. I lied--most important is what she said last. 'Chose from the heart,' she told me as she put a hand to her chest. She was smiling at me as she did so. That, to me, is certainly most important. Watson wants me to make me chose for myself, from my heart and not from anyone elses. Spain seemed more intent on getting me into the animal science building for the next two years. She did not understand me when I told her that I do indeed love animals but don't wish to work with them for a living.

Watson did. She's the same way, she says. 'I love animals,' she pointed out and went on to give examples. 'I love plants, too.' She didn't need examples for that. She needn't have them for either, really. I know. I've seen her with both.

People try to tell me there isn't competition and bitterness between the two majors? BAH! I say, eat your own words, if you might think that! I speak from my own experience and not from what others have told me. I know.

What does my heart say, as to the matter? Well, it's quite clear! It's spoken clearly all along, and I no ears to listen. It says 'Green' over and over again. It does indeed mean for me to be a plant science major, but also many other things with just that one syllable word. I won't know all of the meanings for my life it pins to that word for a long, long time. Mayhaps not until I sit, stand, or lie in my death-space. I'm sure it'll share, then.

I'm leaving for the weekend. The family and I, as well as Kate and Carla, are going to Silverleaf. They are going to ski while I go to...well, I don't know. Not run away, surely? No, not run away. I'm going to go. What does it matter, anyway? As long as I chose to go, and go, what reason must I have?

I'll have fun. I've got books, notebooks, sketchbooks, music, communication, and even an instrument to try my luck with! Indeed, with all of those, how might I not have fun? I don't see it as even remotely possible.

Once again, I have Watson to thank for keeping me rooted and not flying about in the chilled wind.
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