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Seven Sins...

Stolen from Hitomi. Hahahaha. -Continues cackling.- Yea, that.

What do you brag the most about?
Myself. (Ahem, we've already gone over in school how pride is my number one sin. =D.)

What is one thing a friend has that you always wish you could have?
Uhh...uhh...I don't know? I could say love, but that's not really true. Used to be height, but not anymore. ...I can't think of one. Oh, plump. I want to think of one. ... Fine. Nothing. I can't think of anything. If I do, though, I'll put it up here.

What's one food you can't say no to?
There isn't one. O_O;. I can say no to any food, even chicken. I'll go with chicken anyway, though, since it's my comfort food.

At what age did you have your first sexual experience?
12. It wasn't very sexual, but I was certainly viewing it sexually. Those were very beautiful and enchanting moments.

Who or what makes you angry and why?
Prejudice. If someone meets me and hates me I'm absolutely fine with it. Sure, it might upset me a bit, but I can live with that. Such is life. Hating someone before meeting him or her? Bullcrap. Hate. It. Attitude also makes me angry. Just a certain type, though. The kind Taylor and Abby have, and sometimes Kleppy (not often, though).

What's something you don't need but you would freak out if you had to give it up?
My personal belongings and my freedom.

What's one chore you hate to do around the house?
I don't think there is one. I don't even mind cleaning the toilet anymore. Actually, I kind of like cleaning. Maybe shampooing the carpet, but only because it's painful. If it weren't I wouldn't mind.

Today was a good day. Conversation brought up the Seven Sins a lot. It was kind of funny. So Makuchan and I are going to work on drawing some manga with me as Pride, her as Envy, and Kleppy as Sloth. We'll probably add in a few people. I was hoping to put Femmefag/Kory as lust. Abby as greed. I have to mix it up and include people I don't like so that I can keep the plot running.

Hahaha. In SAM we had some free time and somehow the Seven Dwarvew were brought up. I said I'd do Grumpy and then we went around and made everyone at my table pick which one they'd do. It was fun and funny. They commented on the fact that were talking about with of the Seven Dwarves we'd sex up and that it was a strange thing to talk about, so I said that at least I made the conversation interesting. Talking about the Seven Dwarves is more interesting than talking about the normal stuff that is over-talked. Squeeee.

I GET TO GO TO KLEPPY'S FOR THE WEEKEND! I'm wicked happy about that. Reallyreallyreally. I just looked at the clock and it's 10:16. That doesn't make me happy. I should go to sleep, but I probably won't until 11 even though I did my homework.

'Kaythanksbyyyye. ~Cro.
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