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Tears are salty.

I had an amazing evening with my family.

I come back and feel misunderstood. I don't want to bring about feelings of guilt, so I doubt I'll say just about that. It's not that "Ohboohoo theydon'tgetme crycry." Or maybe it is. I know that it hurts, and that I don't often have tears stream down my cheeks. Sometimes the wisecracks and comments get to me. But I know they must be said and I completely understand that. That's why I don't block my entries from comment.

Everyone deserves the chance to say what's on his or her mind. But I also have every right to be hurt. And when I'm hurt, I'm hurt. I don't want to be anything other than the emotion I'm feeling and I don't want to hide it with anything else.

I don't completely understand the love I carry. I'll admit that. But I do understand a lot of it and it hurts to be doubted. Please have faith in me? I may not know exactly what I'm doing in life, but I try hard and try with all my might to please not only myself but others as well.

As long as I remain a creature of both intuition and logic I will be myself and nothing less, but also nothing more. So please, have faith?

That's what I've worked so long to have in myself. Now I have it and I know that I can get beyond any hurt to feel the next feeling, whether it's ecstacy or excrusiatingly painful. To me, that's living.

I said more than I had planned. That happens a lot.

School tomorrow and I am certainly excited. When I see Makuchan and Kleppy I'm going to tackle them with hugs. Well, maybe not tackle, but I'll certainly hug them until they don't know what hit them.
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