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This book had a bit of dialogue that really expresses a feeling I've had pulling at small parts of my brain lately. I tried to explain it to Snoopy yesterday and I failed. Here it is from Venus Envy by Rita Mae Brown.

Ru spoke kindly. "And, darlin', some people will never get past it once the word's out that you're gay. You will be reduced to an object. It's not fair but that's the way it is. If you wear a purple skirt people will say it's because you're a lesbian. You own an art gallery. They'll say that gay people are always artistic. You have a dog and a cat and live alone. Lesbians always have cats, don't they? You'll be shorn of your individuality. But to those people who are full people themselves you'll be what you are and what you choose to share."

I'm glad I've found it in words. That's how I've been feeling (not much, definitely not to any extreme) lately. With the whole, if I have a problem many people say it's just a lesbian problem. But that's it--it ISN'T a lesbian problem. I can assure anyone that all lesbians all over the world are not having the exact problems that I am. I'm not having the exact problems each one of them, as individual people, are. Some may be similar, but the same? Capable of being grouped together as a "lesbian problem"? Not 1% of the time.

So when I have a problem, idea, creative streak, or object, it really annoys me when someone groups it as being part of the lesbian community. In jest? Fine--I'll laugh along. But not literally. It's my problem, a "Kiwi" problem, if you must. Most of the people I know are absolutely fabulous about this. If I draw a strange picture it isn't a, "lesbian thing to do" it's just something that I would do.

It doesn't often happen with majorities. Actually, that isn't quite true. Majorites are dissected. As far as high school goes, into stereotypes. If someone who happens to share similarities with the "gothic" group or even calls him or herself "gothic" the same individuality is lost.

Sorry about all the venting. Sometimes I wish more people would just see a person for a person, rather than what traits they share with what groups and what to group their actions, speech, and ideas as. I try to see each person for who they are and what they share as much as possible. I think I'm succeeding.

I feel better now. :P.
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