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It's the New Year and blahblahblah.

My New Year's Eve went really, really well. Snoopy slept over and I hogged the computer while she scarfed up the book I got her for her birthday (which I borrowed. Haha). We missed midnight and when Snoopy told me to check the clock it was 1:19. Hahaha. Being an hour late to look at the clock New Year's Eve really says something. (No, not only that I'm a [insert last name here]. Shuuuddup.)) I threw a spoon at her the minute we realized we had passed the midnight-checkpoint. So wheeeee.

Today was nice. Snoopy went home and I went online for quite a long time. Made a banner for Open Oak Boarding School. I'll probably make a few more until I'm at least slightly pleased, since it's a contest and all. I don't really want the 1k (if I got it I'd just give it right back to Polaris), but it'd be nice to win. It'd boost my self-confidence on my banner-making. Actually, that's horse dung. I could boost my self-confidence on it if I wanted to. Hmm...mayhap I will.

Tomorrow is another down day, but I'll spend the whole time LOOKING FOREWORD TO SCHOOL!!!! Only one more day to get throuuuugh!!! Then I get to: go back to classes, go back to challenging teachers, see my friends and give Kleppy and Makuchan their gifts, be with the people I've missed, have homework and assignments, and get to think about academic things more~! Yayayayayay!! -Flaps arms.-

♥ school!!!
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