Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus


The sleepover was fun and we bonded. Laura told me a haiku I really wanted to remember.

Today went to fireworks at Kids Night, which I had never heard of but happens every year. Can't believe I never knew about it. Mentioned that I wondered if Mrs. Cav was there since she lived in the town. Laura joked that if I had her cell number I should call. I sheepishly confessed I did. She told me call/text, I said I couldn't, she offered in jest and I took her up on it. She said "Hello this is laura mah____ with kiwi. are you at the kids night fireworks?" or something.

Cavcreature replied, "At beach Will u email me dirt recipe please" It was so very Cav-esque that I laughed ridiculously hard and had a better time.

The fireworks were amazing.

I love having music in my life again so much. I feel freer and more myself.

New books to read.

Gar ended up sending me the Facebook bumper sticker with the funny haiku! It was too perfect.

Was going to clean my room tomorrow, instead going to Boston to hang out with Ang. Excited. Wake up at 9:30 tomorrow. Not too terrible.

Journal and sleep time now.
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