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The Last Update Before Work

I've been awake and getting ready since 8. I put away my clothes and got dressed and washed up. Make up. Even ate breakfast, but of course it was only Frosted Flakes because that's what we have.

Should have scraped up a lunch. We have little since we just got back from Maine and haven't been shopping. It's only 5 hours of working, at least. Even if I'm hungry it's not terrible.

I just feel gross. Normally I put on my little makeup and feel better, prettier. This time I looked in the mirror and wasn't pleased at all--I had liked it more without the makeup. That usually means something is up.

I'm just listening to the Beatles and trying to feel human.

I'm not prepared to go in. I've thought over every possibility I can conceive (and it is many), but life always has a way of surprising me.

Mum told me even she told Lisa that we were leaving Maine on Monday and that I might be able to work late in the evening, but probably not. But I guess Lisa didn't remember that.

I don't know. I can understand why she would be miffed and all, but... Sigh. Whatever, I guess. I messed this one up. I've got the apologies to everyone worked out in my head. I hope they don't make this horrible for me.

After work I should be calling Snoopy and maybe others. She's getting her laptop at 6:30, so that should be fun. Dunno if she'll want Friend Support for when her father comes. Probably?

But yeah. My stomach feels icky and I only have 20 minutes of freedom left until I have to leave my room and go be a responsible adult.

I would like this to be over.
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