Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Explaining Icons

I did the meme in Fey's journal in which the poster picks four icons from the commenter and the commenter has to explain them in a post. If you all want to participate, go for it.

Young McGonagall Kiwi - This one is fairly new. A short while ago I came to the conclusion that I didn’t have enough icons (meaning I didn’t even have one) with me in it, and I wanted a good one. I came across the picture of me from my senior picture group, which I had uploaded to my livejournal even though we weren’t supposed to keep the copies. I wore my McGonagall hat to my senior photo, yes. That’s me in it. I like the idea of being a young McGonagall. Mayhaps a little more free-spirited and unorthodox, but the idea pleases me nonetheless. Plus I adore the picture. I think my smile is authentic and my hair is cooperating and the hat is superb. I like the picture of me. Sad I couldn’t cut it lower because that was where the text came in.

Light Crowns - I don’t remember where I picked up light crowns. I know it was during the times that I had loads of icon communities on my friends list, and I kept taking all these nature ones. I love the contrast of the dark bark with such verdant leaves against such a bright sky. The contrast of it all thrills me, as does the angle. I enjoy the idea of looking up at such a view and appreciating it from my earthly position, as one might appreciate the heavens. Those trees, or the idea of them, sort of are my heavens. The icon makes me feel serene as trees often do, especially since I sense a degree of aspiration but pleasure with where one is.

Color Isn’t Blinding - I used a base and made this icon a long while ago for (I think) another account. It was at a time where I was really stepping out of the box and surprising people, they seemed to feel that I was almost invading their space by growing into myself and taking up the full amount of space (spiritually, emotionally, whatever) that I was supposed to take up. And for a while I felt almost guilty for wrecking their views and ideas of me and the world. But I eventually came to the conclusion, and a rainbow was included, that color and diversity wasn’t some blinding force or something negative. It’s something to be appreciated and encouraged. It’s just a pity that the color of authenticity sticks out so much nowadays in a world of whites, greys, and blacks in which people are ignoring, denying, or abusing their true selves.

Rosethorn. - She’s a character originally from the series Circle of Magic by Tamora Pierce (Tammy). It’s a young adult book but it goes so much beyond that. Her humor spreads through the ages quite easily, and I can see myself reading it as an adult and still drawing great enjoyment. She is a character I drew close to my heart. She is Dedicated to the Earth gods and Earth in general at what is religious and humanitarian temple. She is a plant mage and works with plants, especially garden plants. She is known for her sharp tongue and thorns, but as the name seems to imply there is a silky rose there as well. She’s what I call a Grumpy Mush. Supposedly she doesn’t like children, but it doesn’t seem to stop her much from falling in love with the four foster-kids that arrive at the cottage she lives in with Dedicate Lark. Rosethorn is a bisexual, probably poly, woman who is sexually attracted to the Air Dedicate Crane and in love with the fellow Earth Dedicate Lark, who is the silk to her thorns. The dynamic of their relationship and thrill me and fill me with hope. Rosethorn’s thorns and big heart gave me strength to get through some really hard stuff starting freshman year, bad hip news, hip surgeries, wheelchairs, being lost for a major, etc. Having read about her helped me connect with the fact that I really was enjoying plant science more. The striking similarities between my plant science teacher Ms. Watson and the idea I had of Rosethorn in my head helped me out there as well. She and Lark really gave me hope. I always affiliated myself with Rosie more, pining away after a Lark-figure.

I like that one. Very fitting sometimes. But as we know with me, only sometimes—I’m like to flip to something new just about whenever. Little bit of everything, hmm?
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