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Sometimes Horoscopes are Creepy

Horoscope for Aquarius:

"You may want to take it easy today so you can integrate recent breakthroughs. But you probably won't get the rest you seek, even if your morning starts off slowly. You could be your own worst enemy as you wrestle with emotional ghosts from your past. If you can put a difficult memory into proper perspective, you can untie yourself from an unrewarding emotional pattern, giving you the chance to truly enjoy yourself."

Yeah, that'd basically be me.

(And I have a really cool shirt 'cause Toast gave me an old shirt of Jason's that was big, so I cut it up the sides and made the slits and tied them together and it actually WORKED so there was much rejoicing. Cut off the sleeves and it's comfy. Nice green/yellow/velvety plant-leaf design. Very Celtic. I don't think it's ugly!)

And back to productivity before reading and sleep.
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