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In Addition

Last night when I was sleeping over at Snoopy's she decided to dye her hair black again since it was fading and her roots were showing, so I decided to do some of my bangs with the leftover.

She suggested do half of it so I dyed my "fang" (what I call the jaw-length bangs I keep only on the left side framing my face) black from my eye down.

I REALLY REALLY like it. Just can't wait to shower and actually wash my hair tomorrow, rather than just wetting it like I did today. Will have to wait for pictures. Probably will have some Friday.

Glad I don't have to go get my prom dress from drying outside 'cause Mum picked it up.

I put my assortment of give-away piles in garbage bags. I'm organizing my junk.

I made a facegroup for my graduation part (which anyone who is able to make it to should!).

I'm reading a book that is actually interesting me.

Things are looking up for this moment. Folky music makes it better.
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