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20 May 2008 @ 10:05 pm
Fear of Grandmother's Driving  
Last night I was fully well aware that I was going to sleep without an alarm.
Today I woke up at 7:10 when Dweeb was banging on the door. It was beautiful, sleeping in that late.
Got dressed quickly and Mum drove me to school.
Printed out my English paper (was annoyed by one line that didn't enter properly) and did my bio homework.
Bio we passed in books. Viewer lab. Talking. When I described my paper to Emmy and said, "I realized it was my last paper of high school and I was going to have fun with it or it wasn't going to get done" Mrs. Cooper laughed and smiled. I was pleased to turn around and see her smile reach her eyes. Apparently she approves of bending the rules for things if they're well done and in the name of some good academic fun.
Pre-calc people presented and I read.
Lunch I ate in the caf., McSpleeny came to ask about a few pre- and post-prom things, watched a little video gaming, returned Ant's Bedknobs and Broomsticks DVD. Also raved about it.
Am. Lit. passed in paper, got made fun of for how loud I blow my nose, also for how loud my hiccup is (Britt said, "She's done that since freshman year! Didn't you notice?" to Duffie) and he gave us a speech on how he enjoyed teaching us. Then talked about his daughter off at college. After class when I said I hoped he like my paper he said there wasn't much by me he didn't like and he was sure he'd like it. Makuchan made me listen to a song.
Plat mat we went out and played Plant ID Frisbee Golf! It was amazing. There was a course planned out where we had to throw the Fris from the T in a certain number of shots to another tree that was named in Latin. I totally kicked arse even though it was a flimsy-arse Fris and it was windy! People were saying, "Geez, Kiwi's pwning us, that ain't right!" I tied Lincoln for first with 13 points and we're finishing tomorrow. I tried not to be competitive about it. When we threw it close enough to just tag the tree with the Fris I started calling that Frisbee Tag. It was great fun. Joked with Watsonii even though I almost hit her when she decided to sit right near a tree. (Bounced it off the wall above the window below which she was sitting and it flew off to graze the tree. Impressive.)
Then my last study with Shaya. We all hung out and I shared my English paper. She had the two of us listen to For Good from Wicked and I sang a little even though I have a cold and it didn't work so well haha. I think we still had fun.
Instead of double Interiorscape-study seniors were called up for a presentation on drinking and driving that I just wasn't in the mood for. It was touching 'cause there was a movie about two kids who were killed by a drunk driver in North Middlesex and it turns out the girl's mother had come to speak with us. I had read through a lot of the movie. She was a good speaker though. Then she went around hugging all the girls. It was basically all the girls who drink that went up crying and got a hug. I guess just none of my friends really drink, and if they do they don't really drive much.

Got on the bus and listened to Pantaxi's iPod. Love her dog.
Grammie picked me up and I was exhausted. Her driving gave me the fantods. I was on the edge of my seat and authentically frightened. She offered to take me to Walmart to buy ballet flats for my prom dress but I kindly refused.
Got home and my purse was back. Got in my dress and decided to just put that liquid sealer on the bottom rather than have her hem it. It doesn't look QUITE as cool being less flowy, but I fully understand that I am not a girl who is meant to be "flowy." I need dresses that let me walk and dance in them or they flat out don't work. I am no trophy girl.
Came upstairs for a little Internet. Left my backpack downstairs.
Read in bed and then fell asleep. Mum came in and put ear drops in my ears because I might be getting swimmer's ears. (I hate my ears.)
Awake and online a little bit. Wish I didn't have to wake up tomorrow morning.

Glad Snoopy has her car back. Now we aren't loses so bad. We are wins.
I hate sneezing.
I'm glad Thursday will be such a short day. I wonder if I'll get to sleep at all.
I wonder what I'll do with my hair.