Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus


Kiwi: Heh I wish. Don't really have any money. =/. Maybe I'll have my "wife" make me up or something. Or I'll just go. I'm trying to get it to clear up anyway.
Lisa: whos this wife?
Kiwi: Snoopy. We dressed up in her grandmother's and aunt's wedding dresses and took pictures, and we bicker a lot, and we don't have sex, so we decided that we're marrieed.
Lisa: well u should have sex seeing your only newly married
Kiwi: That would be wicked awkward. I'm not sure I could ever have sex with Snoopy. o_o.
Lisa: lol
Lisa: wats your dress look like for prom?
Kiwi: Green and white. Not puffy. Sort of just flows down and all. I like it.
Lisa: ooooo
Lisa: oh by the way we have to go to the areopostal at wrentham outlets
Kiwi: Why's that?
Lisa: there is this wicked cute chick that works there if i was gay i would totaly want her and im pretty sure shes into the ladies cuz she kinda flirts with me everytime i go in and she has a rainbow belt so you should meet her
Kiwi: What does she look like?
Lisa: hmm she has short black hair
Lisa: shes white
Lisa: thin
Lisa: taller than me
Lisa: bown eyes
Lisa: she kinda looks like my bf cuzin let me see if i can find a pic of her
Kiwi: You're never ever going to believe me, but that's my wife.
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