Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

My purse has disappeared. I know I took it into the car on Friday because I put my cell phone charger in it while I was in the car. I know I brought it into the rest stop on the way up because I remember it fell down my shoulder while I was carrying my tray and almost made me tip the tray.

Now I'm trying to remember if it left the rest stop. I'm pretty sure it did because I could swear I saw it in our room in Roland and thought, "Should I take my purse? No, it's too heavy and there's nothing I need." But since there WAS nothing I needed, there was never any reason for me to go into it and so I never touched it while I was there. Which means I could be imagining that it was in the room at all.

It isn't in the car.

So. My keen imagination DID imagine the purse into the car. Mum found the number of the service station before me and called. They have my purse. It was really awkward because I described it as having an "anti dyke-drama" pin and I could tell he wasn't a fan haha. But that's OK, at least it's there.

Now I have to look at the penalties of being caught driving without a license (since I'm still a licensed driver and they would be able to tell by looking it up, but we're supposed to have our physical license as well) to see if I want to risk driving for tomorrow while Mum calls again to figure out if they're going to send it to us or if Unk is miraculously going down the turnpike anyway and would like to help us out.

I'll probably end up going to the DMV and paying for a new license anyway so that I can have the paper one. Then I'll have an extra license anyway that I can keep hidden and safe for any future times I misplace my purse. (Misplacing important items runs in my family.)

Well. This has been exciting.

$15 and two forms of IDs to go replace the license. Would be able to do that probably tomorrow and would then be able to drive with the paper replacement for the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (needed for school and prom) and until my purse came by mail since Unk doesn't have a job any time soon and has no reason to drive down south.

I'm a real dummy sometimes!
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