Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

So. I have done very little today.

Drove Dweeb to Gamestop and his attempt to pre-order a game failed miserably.

Went to Snoopy and after much Freaking Out she finally managed to pierce my ear again. First ever time getting the third hole. w00t w00t. Like that they're all on the left.

I'm packed cloths-wise for Ferry Beach. Not the best selections, and not enough socks/legwarmers, but I should be warm and at least look Kiwish.

My prom dress is off with Grammie so she can hem it. She said it has "pazaz," more than any of the other dresses she has worked on, and that it's one of a kind. There is general approving.

You all will have pictures. Eventually.

So. Packing for Ferry Beach. And I still have to do school work some time. Looks as though I'll be writing up my paper Monday night, the night before it's due. Whatever. I'm fully capable!

Need to remember to get tissues. Wonder if I'll sleep in Xiegler.
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