Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

My novel is 64.5k words, 124 pages long, 25 chapters and it still isn't finished. Sigh. It's ABOUT finished, I hope.

No wonder I decided this would be a pair or a trilogy and not one book.

Ari and I texted back and forth. We're going to make this an easy in-house affair (oh bad word choice). She picked her favorite movie and said it's going to be a surprise. When I texted that there better be some attractive girls in it or I'll tickle her to death, she replied that there are.

Thus, everything is good.

Save for the fact that I'm sick and can barely breathe out of my noise. A shower tomorrow and medication will help that.

To Do:
A little laundry by tomorrow night
Packing by tomorrow night
Maths one-page summary by 19 May
Maths presentation by 19 May
Interiorscapes one-page paper on "Going Green" by tomorrow night
American Literature 3-5 page paper on The Perfect Society due 20 May
Finish Pudd'nhead Wilson's last chapters by 19 May

I think that's it, thankfully. Still too much for a sick Kiwi but I better get used to this.

And guess what? I have to pee. Great G's and G's, I'm sick of this.

Bedtime. Now. (After reading one chapter more...)
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