Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Chats and Night-Bats?

Can we all guess how much I've accomplished since my last post?

If your guess resembles a goose egg, you'd probably be close to correct!

I feel like death warmed over in a bucket of urine. (Isn't that a refreshing image?)

And since I can't bring reports of my productivity, I will spam you with a chatroom chat.

(11:29:35 PM) You have just entered room "imreaaallybored."
Sarah (11:29:39 PM): *proceeds to invite every available person on buddy list*
Carbon Kiwi (11:29:48 PM): Don't know how long I'll stay in here, but I might as well give it a shot.
Sarah (11:29:49 PM): *which is only like, this, but whatever.*
Carbon Kiwi (11:29:56 PM): I'm not going to school tomorrow. That is purely fantastic.
Bobby (11:30:01 PM): KIWI!!!!
Bobby (11:30:42 PM): you must stay silent for 30 more minutes
Carbon Kiwi (11:30:56 PM): Why is that?
Bobby (11:30:58 PM): and then the spell will be broken
Bobby (11:31:04 PM): look at the time
Carbon Kiwi (11:31:06 PM): I'll turn back into a pumpkin?
Carbon Kiwi (11:31:07 PM): Drats.
Sarah (11:31:10 PM): I don't think text counts.
Carbon Kiwi (11:31:12 PM): It was a school activity. xD.
Bobby (11:31:15 PM): I agree
Bobby (11:31:20 PM): with sarah
Bobby (11:31:36 PM): I think when you say day of silence, it should mean day
Bobby (11:31:52 PM): sleep talking is acceptable though
Sarah (11:32:02 PM): haha
Sarah (11:32:06 PM): bobby, you are weird.
Carbon Kiwi (11:32:18 PM): Mmm. Well, it's a point, and it's an acceptable point, but since I don't even agree much with the day of silence I think I'm going to consider it done for me.
Carbon Kiwi (11:32:22 PM): You going to school tomorrow?
Bobby (11:32:38 PM): yeah, that's when my math is due
Little One (Yaoi in screen name)(11:34:08 PM): sarah i win
Carbon Kiwi (11:34:18 PM): Ohgods, who is the Yaoi one?
Carbon Kiwi (11:34:23 PM): Not Emilie?
Little One (11:34:25 PM): tis the asian one
Carbon Kiwi (11:34:35 PM): Little one?
Sarah (11:34:37 PM): sarah-who-is-not-me
Little One (11:34:38 PM): yup
Bobby (11:34:39 PM): yup
Sarah (11:34:41 PM): yes, little one
Carbon Kiwi (11:34:57 PM): Alright. Goodness, I wonder if I've ever heard you referred to as 'Sarah' before.
Sarah (11:35:28 PM): she's also known as sasuke and little foot^^
Sarah (11:35:39 PM): only not really the last one
Little One (11:35:41 PM): since when am i know as little foot
Bobby (11:35:44 PM): haha, little foot
Bobby (11:35:54 PM): now or earlier
Sarah (11:35:56 PM): since now
Carbon Kiwi (11:36:04 PM): Little foot. Smile.
Little One (11:36:10 PM): no
Carbon Kiwi (11:36:21 PM): Leeeeettle foooooooooooooot.
Bobby (11:36:21 PM): I don't think that was a command
Sarah (11:36:26 PM): ^^
Little One (11:36:36 PM): bad kiwi
Sarah (11:36:52 PM): YAY I MADE ANEW NICKNAME!
Sarah (11:36:54 PM): *A NEW
Carbon Kiwi (11:36:57 PM): -Prances.- -Because the Internet is amazing and lets her do stuff when she's sick.- -Like put statement in action commands even when they're not actions.- -Like this.-
Sarah (11:37:11 PM): -yay!-
Carbon Kiwi (11:37:18 PM): -Pouts.- Bad Kiwi? Leettle Foot cawl Keywii badz?
Sarah (11:37:41 PM): I thinkwe should also refer to bobby as "the traffic cone"
Sarah (11:37:45 PM): *think we
Little One (11:37:49 PM): why?
Carbon Kiwi (11:37:55 PM): That's what's on his certificate.
Sarah (11:38:01 PM): think about it for a second.
Bobby (11:38:03 PM): eh?
Bobby (11:38:08 PM): of birth?
Sarah (11:38:13 PM): bobby, you are 'the traffic cone'
Sarah (11:38:20 PM): sarah, what color are traffic cones?
Carbon Kiwi (11:38:22 PM): Of Death. But generally people don't know much about Death Certificates.
Carbon Kiwi (11:38:34 PM): Traffic Cones are Bobby-colored.
Sarah (11:38:39 PM): exactly.
Little One (11:38:43 PM): uh huh
Little One (11:38:47 PM): still doesnt make sense
Bobby (11:38:57 PM): the shape is all wrong
Carbon Kiwi (11:38:58 PM): Well that's unfortunate.
Little One (11:39:04 PM): well....
Sarah (11:39:06 PM): think about it. the color of traffic cones. then think about the color of bobby's hair.
Carbon Kiwi (11:39:07 PM): Are you admitting to not having nice hips?
Sarah (11:39:17 PM): hahaha
Little One (11:39:30 PM): i could be really sketchy and perverted but i shall reframe from saying things that'll make me seem as such
Sarah (11:39:44 PM): what?
Carbon Kiwi (11:39:53 PM): Well, after pointing out that you could be (straight from the horse’s mouth), you might as well do what you already pinned yourself for.
Sarah (11:40:03 PM): exactly.
Little One (11:40:12 PM): ... nah
Sarah (11:40:17 PM): hahaha
Carbon Kiwi (11:40:18 PM): My logic is so logical.
Little One (11:40:19 PM): its too.. graphic for your young mind
Little One (11:40:27 PM): XD
Sarah (11:40:27 PM): you already look like a sketch.
Sarah (11:40:29 PM): even more so now.
Little One (11:40:31 PM): lol
Bobby (11:40:47 PM): eh, you should do it anyway
Little One (11:40:54 PM): then since i'm already looking sketchy then there is no need to say more sketchy things
Bobby (11:41:01 PM): nobody here is liable to get offended
Sarah (11:41:12 PM): as far as you know
Bobby (11:41:13 PM): hey kiwi, you have large breasts
Bobby (11:41:16 PM): there, no it's safe
Bobby (11:41:21 PM): now*
Little One (11:41:24 PM): Bobby (11:38:53 PM): the shape is all wrong
Little One (11:41:32 PM): no not really
Carbon Kiwi (11:41:36 PM): Oh yes I do. I'm like an upside-down traffic cone. Only I guess that says something strange too.
Sarah (11:41:54 PM): hahaha
Sarah (11:41:58 PM): what happened to emilie?
Little One (11:42:02 PM): dunno
Little One (11:42:07 PM): i just IMed her asking her the same thing
Little One (11:42:22 PM): she died... and went to yaoi heaven
Bobby (11:42:22 PM): so wait, what's going on with the traffic cone and the shape?
Little One (11:42:34 PM): bobby.. you're smart.. think
Little One (11:42:42 PM): emilie would've gotten it right away
Little One (11:42:51 PM): think like emilie
Carbon Kiwi (11:43:17 PM): -Sneezes.-
Carbon Kiwi (11:43:24 PM): Either someone is talking about me or I'm sick.
Little One (11:43:30 PM): lol
Carbon Kiwi (11:43:37 PM): And considering that the only people who talk about me are the people in my head, I think logically the answer must be "both."
Carbon Kiwi (11:43:44 PM): And thus, the people in my head are making me sick.
Carbon Kiwi (11:44:04 PM): So, also logically, I should not go to school tomorrow. And it will have nothing to do with senior skip day because all I will do is sleep and do homework.
Little One (11:44:06 PM): well.. as much as i'd love to stay and chat.. i got to go to sleep.
Carbon Kiwi (11:44:22 PM): I dun wanna.
Little One (11:44:22 PM): so bye
Carbon Kiwi (11:44:24 PM): Night night.
Bobby (11:44:35 PM): but wait
Bobby (11:44:57 PM): are you trying to imply that I'm hung like a traffic cone, because that's all I'm getting
Carbon Kiwi (11:44:57 PM): I addified you.
Carbon Kiwi (11:45:19 PM): How hung are traffic cones? That's a strange sexual image there. I keep imagining them shagging a pothole or something.
Carbon Kiwi (11:45:24 PM): New England. A strange place, I tell you.
Sarah (11:45:39 PM): hahahahahahaha
Little One (11:45:43 PM): lol
Bobby (11:45:45 PM): there was some random thing
Carbon Kiwi (11:45:55 PM): Random? Thing? In a chatroom like this? Pshaw. xD.
Bobby (11:45:58 PM): that involved the phrase hung like a baby
Little One (11:46:04 PM): kiwi is on the right track

Now that you have been sufficiently spammed I'm going to go be entirely too tired and gross-feeling to do anything nice. I hate being sick.

Ferry Beach this weekend!

Need to remember my Dirr book so Duncan and Priscilla can sign it.
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