Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus


Church today handed out invitations to my graduation party. There was much rejoicing.
I need to get my Holy Grail DVD back from Lindsay.
I had my last Religious Education class ever and that's funny.
Saw our new permanent Labyrinth walk and it is nice.
Went with Gar and her family (including her standard poodles Spring and Cory) to Arnold Arboretum. It was fantastic.
First they took me to their house (mainly to get the pooches), fed me, and showed me the Reduces Shakespeare Company (or whatever) videos on youtube and they were brill.
Home and spoke with mother. It was pleasant.
New idea for an on-going gift for her is make a binder with pictures and writing and stuff. Like the Autobiographies we had to do back in 7th grade.
Called Lisa for my bio homework. Don't want to do it.
Miss the days I did homework on Fridays, though I guess there never were too many of those. I like relaxing on Fridays and doing homework Sunday after church, but I had an event today. Have I ever done homework on a Saturday?
Looked more into University of Reading. I am so excited. It is going to be amazing. Should look into seeing if I can contact people online. Get a head start on making friends. Should be easier once I know my housing.
Emailed Professor Crowley to ask for my exam grade and invite her to my graduation party.

I'm pooped. Wish I had Monday to use as a study rather than to finish the Spanish final and take the bio quiz.
Need to finish Botany for Desire so I can finish some other stuff.
Night night!
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