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Kiwi's Flexible Hair

So, I've mentioned before that I have Hermione hair. I did not quite realize how long it is growing.

Hermione Hair

As you can see, they made a mistake in casting Emma Watson as Hermione. My hair is browner and bushier and fully prepared to play Hermione's famous physical characteristic.


Or, apparently, that of Cousin It's young niece.

Rocking Out the Hair

But if that doesn't work out, it could just play a part of Kiwi as she is the silly little dryad that she is with big smiles and lots of the Silly!

But even if she can't pull off Hermione, Cousin It's relative, or her own silly self, she makes a reasonable impression of a younger version of a Harry Potter Character:

Kiwi In Hat
(Even though we've already seen that one.)
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