Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

A Cranked Update

And of course now that I've spent far too much time on Da's computer, my Internet is magically back when it's been gone for days.

I replied to Keele in a Cool and Composed way.

I checked my Spanish grade. To maintain an A in the course I have to get a 314/400. (Last semester I got a 348, but I had studied a LOT. Doubt I'll get a 314.) To get a B I have to get 164/400 (much more attainable). To get a C I have to get 14/400 (I would basically have to forget how to spell my name to get that or less). So my guess is that'll I'll probably pull a B for the course, which is impressive since it has just been a background course that didn't count for anything.

I'm pretty much far too lazy to re-learn the preterit forms and irregulars and all that junk. I'm just not thinking it's worth it.

Plus Renae keeps emailing me giving me the same information and saying, "reply as soon as you can" and I'm like WTFrak? I keep emailing you the same information and that I DON'T KNOW and that we'll TALK ABOUT IT IN PERSON TOMORROW and I keep getting "reply as soon as you can." Reply WHAT? The information that I tell you I don't have and can't have until tomorrow?! Gods. I shouldn't be this frustrated.

I know it's because I'm a tired and I'm a grump and I'm stressed.

Guess I'm back to my regular Thursday tradition. No sleep on Thursdays.

I don't want to take my Spanish final tomorrow. I think at this point I'll just make sure to take a long time on it so I don't have to take my Bio quiz until Monday morning (when Spanish will be officially over).

But knowing me I'll study anyway.

Why can't I just be like everyone else in my course and not care? Why do I have to do so well just because the Professor likes me and I've maintained a 94 through the course? Why did she have to call me her "soul mate" a few weeks ago so now I'll feel like crap if I disappoint her? Why am I so worried about all of this?

Guess I'm Kiwi. Well, that's life for me. Sigh.
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