Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus


I am skipping school.

My cell phone alarm didn't go off at 8 as I had told it to. I woke up at almost 10 and took a shower.

Now it's time to study for the biology exam. I've read through all the chapters. Time to do the study guide she gave us with the vocab. and study questions. Then look over the short answer and essay questions she (already) gave us.

I am officially going to University of Reading, near London. We called UCAS and had them withdraw my application to Keele University so that I could send my official reply.

Firm apply to University of Reading and Insurance to University of East Anglia.

Now it's on to housing.

This feels very nice.

After the bio exam have to run over to the church and help out with making the Gay Pride banner with Interweave.

Then home for studying Spanish because my final is tomorrow morning.

Troubles with Youth Pride, too. That's Saturday. Mr. Williamson can't take us. Trying to figure something out.

Snoopy, you wanna come or are you working? I know we mentioned clubbing Saturday night and I realized, duh, BAGLY prom is Saturday night! Which is basically just clubbing minus the alcohol and plus many (queer) people our age! So it would be perfect even if you could only make it to the dance. And since Toast isn't too old yet (pretty sure) she could still come too.

Anyway. Mum's making me one of my favorite meals so I'm going to check my Spanish grade, get off, and go do some more studying.

Dear Lucky Fork,

Please help me. These are some of my last tests! We can do it, chyeah?


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