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Let's see if I can remember Friday.

First period before Spanish we were all smiling and joking around. Mrs. Cavanagh came up and took the TV out. As she was doing so she told me, "I didn't get your email for a long time. You must have sent it, what Wednesday? I didn't get it until 10:30 yesterday. I...didn't reply." My big oops. But she did say "I didn't reply" quite awkardly. I went over to ask how she was doing with the knee and the toe. She showed me the toe and asked me what it looked like.

In class we just fooled around and caused problems.
On the way out Vickie turned to me and said, "Kiwi, you remind me of a hobbit."
I feigned shock and offense and responded, "Are you saying I'm short and hairy?" Mrs. Cavanagh cracked up. The class joked about that as we moved on toward bio.
McSpleeny came in and gave me my check from NCAS as well as a pair of beaver slippers. (Our boss Attiya's daughter was taking a business course and had to create a business venture and decided to do slippers. Her school's mascot is the beavers. She then had Attiya buy loads so she now has loads of pairs of beaver slippers and decided to give them out to her tutors.)
I put them on in Pre-Calc at Booby's urging. We did a really dumb, long maths worksheet. Pages long.
Lunch I borrowed $2 from Pantaxi and started eating alone. Ari came over and asked if she could sit with me 'cause Dave and Hayden weren't there. I said sure. When she was away Mrs. Brown ambled up to me and questioned, "Do you always sit alone like this?" I looked up and nodded. "I like it. It's by choice. I haven't been ostracized or anything concerning." She smiled and nodded, a quick 'understood.' Ari came back and Brittles sat with us alongside Cider. Ari said, "You know, I said to Dave that if we ever broke up I was going after Kiwi." I smiled and countered, "Then why don't you break up with Dave?" and got up to throw my stuff away right as the bell rang. It was perfect. She then talked about how similar we are and I joked, "Yes, we fell in love as we burned toothbrushes together..."
Amlit Duffie ranted on and on about stuff while Makuchan and I were like, "Hey y'all, let's do English!" I started a chant, "Give me an 'E!' Give me a 'N!' Give me a 'G!' ...I'm sick of this!" and Makuchan turned to say, "I didn't know what you were spelling... I thought you started with an I." I laughed and said, "I good at Inglish."
Platmat we went on an endless search for the Big Black Pot but the mulch bags were around and not the Pot, so it must have been taken as part of a senior trick.
Study I was all around with Renae and Shaya and a sick Emilie. Productive GSA stuff.
Double interiorscapes I worked on the paper a little bit and saw Mrs. Steele enter the building. I went and had a ball with her. Shaya says in an email we hugged--that didn't even stick in my memory! It was fun.

Drove to Steven's and got lost three times because the directions were horrible.
Had to turn around on a really narrow, twisty road with no side streets so I went to turn around in a driveway on the widest, straightest part of the road. But the reverse on my car is weird and sort of spurts in and out. So I ended up hitting a fire hydrant that I hadn't seen at all on the driver's side of the bumper, and that sucked.
Got to his house and we found our way to Michelle's. Discovered that Danac (my car's) bumper is made of plastic and styrafoam. What would have been barely a scratch on the volvo cracked into the plastic. It's not terrible but it stunk.
Hung around with Nawantan (sp) and then Michelle came home. Decided it would be best to go back with more teens on a Sunday after school when it wasn't wet. We all ranted about how the towns in our area don't care for their teens but she's been trying to get a Teen Center open.
Drove to Sara (Steven's girlfriend's) house and watched her play a wicked awesome video game with a wolf god.
Her mother came home and talked to me about how Sara often an extra in movies. I was interested. Her mother seemed surprised when I then said I was going to university in England for ecology, even though I had never mentioned that I did any acting or was going into it.
She was very interested in my going to uni in England since she loves Great Britain. We talked about that a lot.
We talked about animals and me and her while Steven and Sara were cute. Got pizza. Had loads of fun.
Picked up milk for the family, drove home, broke the bad news, lots of guilt everywhere, bed.
Stayed in bed until one.

Drove Dweeb on his date with Alicia. She's nice and funny.
Came home and showered. Started cleaning.
Picked them up when they got lost walking after their picnic.
Came home and continued cleaning.
Nick and the family showed up.
Bonding with Renee and Keeley, showed them my silly hats, dinner, etc.
Rockband and Cranium. I hate board games with adults. It's so much better with youth who don't take this personally and just let it roll of their shoulders. For all adults think they're High and Mighty with all of that, the only one who handled it remotely well was my father. And even Dweeb was a pain. A lot of accusations with cheating.
Nick's new wife kept mentioning that I had gone into my own world. At last I admitted that my mood had plummeted and that my stomach felt funny in that way it does when something weird/bad has happened or is about to happen to someone I love.
I kept on. It was fun sometimes. I read Botany for Desire as well.

Today has been a bust. I was supposed to clean my room, do bio stuff, and go to coffee house.
The only thing I accomplished was taking a shower.
So tomorrow I'll have to get up for church, come home and clean and do bio stuff, and go to Ann's installment at 4.
Have studying and that stupid Spanish story to write.

Now off to read some more (instead of being productive) and go to sleep.
Cannabis growers have been geniuses. I love that the prohibition on pot just made the plant stronger genetically when growers took it indoors. The irony is just fantastic.
It's really intriguing reading about. Almost wish I could find someone who grows pot just to job-shadow them for a day!
Find it even more entertaining that I in no way want so smoke weed--have been offered many times--but the plant and its growth interests me anyway.
Kinda want to make Kyle read this chapter on Cannabis and how it became a hybrid of two species...
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