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So I was reading my book while a part of my mind contemplated my previous poem. As I'm reading I come across mention of a horse. So, that part of my mind spreads out and informs me that I should write another poem about a concept that is truly important to me: freedom. And, as I use the snake to symbolise healing, what better to use for freedom than a horse? I was born in year of the horse, and am very Aquarian in nature--freedom is, if not the most important concept, one of the most important things in my life. That's not what the poem is supposed to express, but I still like it. It's just a way for that part of my mind to get in its say.

It’s an empty field,
But not for long.
There’s a steady beat coming this way.
A horse is seen;
Majestic and free and strong.
It’s ready to fly.
That banner lifts and is caught in the wind;
It ripples and undulates justly.
Those nostrils flare,
And muscles work,
As the horse carries on to get there.
There, to this beast, is not a select place.
“There” is the path it is taking.
The field is no longer empty,
And the beating hooves press the land,
Still damp and soft from the morn’.
This creature cares not,
And parades on as much,
Carrying on with its lucid trot.
There’s a pause in the wind
And time slows within reason.
It’s a near perfect picture.
That lone, free horse in that no longer empty field,
The sun watching translucently from the sky,
And the grasses confident in their grouped decision of direction.
The moment is gone and the wind picks up;
The horse is off again.
There’s pounding and beating as the creature nears the woods.
It’s time for another adventure.

I like it. Who knows, I might end up making one for each of the Chinese Zodiac. It's unlikely, but not out of the realm of possibility.

I got a virus on AIM from Lisachan. I'll work on getting rid of it. Until then, No Ki'iks on AIM.
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