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First period I was a sick wreck. I wished Mrs. Cav well and was off. Decided to stay in school through the academics.
Bio we did something biology-rated. (Isn't that helpful?)
Maths we worked on stuff and Quinn said she had our plant materials class so I decided I was staying at least until then to make sure that she did alright since we're a rowdy class.
Lunch I probably sat alone and ate.
English we did the vocab. and discussion and movie stuff I guess.
Plant materials I talked through the whole period since I wanted to do my work at home but we still weren't too bad and Quinn just did her work.
Study I decided I was going to go home and not deal with a double Brodeur, and that was that.
Went to the office and told them I was sick and wanted to go home. Mum had to call into the office and give her affirmation (which she would pretty much always do anyway) and I was off.
It felt really, really good to be leaving school two hours early and have the freedom to do that.
Went home and instead of going straight to sleep I decided to get my weekend homework over with and did my Brodeur project. So now I don't have to worry on it on this here Sunday night!


I woke up around 10 and couldn't go back to sleep.
I still felt kinda eh, so I stumbled around the house.
Went through my old chapters and did some reading. Hoping to get all of them uploaded so I can start writing again.
Was texting with Snoopy and she came over after she got her check.
We went and kidnapped Toast from Rhode Island, then Bailey too.
We went to Emerald Square because Willis was supposedly there. She wasn't, but Toast bought her b-day present. Snoopy bought me a b-day present of real fake glasses. <3.
Then we stopped at Willis' to give her the b-day present.
Dropped me off at home. I changed and went to coffee house.
It was really great listening to Patty Larkin, but Ellis had to be my favorite part.
She was so cute! When I was with Penny and Sara behind the CD stand people kept coming up and then, when asked if they wanted to buy Ellis' CD, said, "I haven't heard him yet." And we had to correct them because she is quite clearly an incredibly cute girl.
So I watched Ellis most of the night.
When Patty Larkin came on I went into the sanctuary and danced to the music. I guess Ellis noticed at some point.
Sold raffle tickets at intermission and read one up on the stage. People teased me for needing to stand on my tippie toes to do that.
Went back to dancing to Patty.
When it ended, I helped Penny wrap up. Ellis saw The Botany of Desire and asked if it was his. He shook his head and pointed to me, saying, "That's Kiwi's." I waved my hand and affirmed that it was mine. Ellis smiled fully at me and remarked, "That's a great book!" I told her I liked what I had read so far. She smiled at me for a while more.
I helped clean up some more and got Patty's stuff in the trunk. I closed one side, but the other side wouldn't close. I started mumbling about the Universe disliking my attempts with antiques. Ellis came up laughing and told me, "Here's a trick I've learned--pretend to open it while closing it." So she leaned over me, held one part open as if she were trying to open the case, and let me put down the latch. It stuck. She smiled at me. "Just a trick I picked up." I thanked her and giggled.
I went back to skipping around and putting back chairs. When Fluffy (hip) started to complain, I skipped back over to the stand and helped them pack up more. I marveled at Penny's ability to do maths on the weekends. Ellis agreed with me and thanked us for putting so much effort into all of it--she normally had to do it herself.
She reached into her case and asked us, "So are you three really into music?" I started doing the youth/sign language version for yes (nodding my fist up and down) and clarified, "That being the youth translation for 'yes!'" Penny and Sara had started doing it. Ellis laughed and told us that was great, then gave us each a copy of her acoustic CD. I smiled and thanked her loads.
After that I went out and started getting ready to go.
Ellis left but apparently came back in at some point. She said goodbye to Patty and then to Penny and Sara.
She came up to me and asked, "And what's your name?" I smiled at her--as I dropped a Kleenex box on my foot by knocking it over with my bag as I picked it up--and replied, "Oh, I'm called Kiwi." She laughed (her laugh was wonderful) and smiled and told me how perfect and fabulous that was. I grinned and told her it was wonderful meeting her and she should have a fantastic time. She wished me the same.
She had parked next to me, too. I smiled her off.
Drove to Snoopy's.

Part II
There was drama.
Toast had had a really great time with Bailey.
Then Kat apparently had the same good-time feeling.
She kissed Bailey.
Bailey kissed Kat.
Lesbian drama, oh boy, it's the best.
Apparently Rawley was pretty ignored in the lot of it.
Anyway, we had an eventful evening and then I tucked myself into a sleeping bag.
I fell asleep with a stuffy nose.

Woke up at 9:30 with a stuffy nose. Got myself awake and left by 9:45.
Got to church and went into the service. Was greeted by a heavily smiling Gar.
It was a service from those who went on the New Orleans service trick over February vacation.
It was truly moving.
Hung around and Michael showed me the prayer shawl that he made for me. Ann asked, "Is that for her mother?" It's a tradition for the parents of graduating youths to get a shawl from the Prayer Shawl ministry as a goodbye, remember-me and feel-good present. Michael shook his head and responded, "No, it's for Kiwi, because she's my buddy and she's going away too." It's rainbow and loopy and cool. I get it in June! <3.
Hopped off home and called Toast on the way.
Stopped at my house and then went to hers.
Picked her up and we went to the Sheldonville Store and bought sandwiches. Rawley's mom was in front of us but I didn't tell Toast it was her until later. xP.
We went back to Toast's and ate.
Willis and the rest came home. We hung out.
We then explained that we wanted to have a hair dying evening.
We drove to the mall and bought stuff from Spencers. Basically paid in change. It was fantastic.
Came home and bleached Toast's hair, but it didn't entirely work so now it's a really neat light-dark orange color that looks like a setting or rising sun. I think it's amazing. Now Toast is sick of the phrase because Snoopy used it too much. xP.
Ran out of bleach for Willis so I ran up to the house after Mum called and used some stuff from Mum.
Toast gave me Buffy comics to read for a while. It works, since she has loads of my books currently. xP.
Called Snoopy and invited her over.
We've been hanging out--partially with my brother in the room playing video games.
Now they're playing Tony Hawk's Proskater 4.
I updated my deviantart account. I'm GlorySpectre on
Getting art on Gaia.

The only part that's pouty is that I have school tomorrow. =[. Should prepare for Spanish and study for bio. Other than that, I think the only thing is that Brodeur's project is due but I have that done anyway so as long as the internet works out everything should be fine.

There. A long entry from me!
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