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In study I read and downloaded Spark Notes and worked on Bio vocab.
Mrs. Cav showed us pictures and told us that she fell yesterday, flat on her back, in front of her 6th period class. My face was shocked and deeply saddened.
Bio Mr. Gilbert was the sub and we did a dumb worksheet. I sneaked off to the bathroom and stole toilet paper because it was softer than the tissues (pathetic). Saw Pan in the bathroom and she gave me cookies.
Pre-calc got my quiz/test back--got a 100. Didn't pay attention in class because things are too loud and seniors act dumb. Booby made me laugh.
Lunch sat with Pan and talked about people falling over.
Am. lit. went over chapters and watched some of the movie. Dufie caught me texting but seemed amused.
Plant materials went out collecting samples. Watsonii lay down in the snow when she realized (with a groan) that the rest of the class was way behind. I wiped the snow off her back. We joked and it was cold. Took the plant quiz and I got a 100.
Interiorscapes I worked on the flower project and got one done. Took an IQ test that said I was gifted, but was sure I could have had genius. But I don't believe in IQ tests anyway. I think they're dumb.
Garden design finished The Phantom Tollbooth because life in that class is pointless.

Went and gave Mrs. Cav The Phantom Tollbooth and wished her well even though I had promised myself I wouldn't talk to her and stuff. But seriously, falling in front of a class of students, right on one's back, and being sore? I would have comforted even an enemy. But it did remind me of how much I love the woman. Sigh. Hate situations like these. Hope she likes the book, though, and that it absorbs a few of her troubles.

Drove home and 'netted, then worked, then went to Bio early. Checked labs with Grace.
Got a 112 out of 103 on the exam. One of the top scores.
Really short lecture because Prof. Crowley was sick like me, and she's preggers.
Didn't have a ride home and was going to call a friend for one, but she offered to take me home.
So Prof. Crowley drove me home and she is ultimately just really, really nice.
I thanked the Universe for College because I LIKE when instructors don't have all these red lines to avoid--the fact that she can drive me home and it's no big deal. All she did was ask if I was comfortable, I said it was better than waiting around, and that's that. Beautiful.
Home with a pile of cold stuff. Took a Nitetime thing so now I'm getting woozy.

Gonna do my English vocab. 'cause that's really the only homework I have.
Then I'ma gonna crash.
Will probably pull myself through school tomorrow and then crash again.
I want to have some semblance of health before Saturday night when I go see Patty Larkin.
(zOMGz, PATTY LARKIN<3<3<3!!!)

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