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I did plant sheets in study and talked about ages in relationships. (I'm apparently quite liberal, oh how could we guess?)
No bio quiz because Mrs. Coop was absent--instead a dumb packet on cells.
Almost fell asleep repeatedly in maths because we have to go over everything so many times.
Lunch with Makuchan--now Pan--who shagged Kevkev.
Am. Lit. decided once more that I just shouldn't talk. My mind doesn't work the way Mr. Dufault's "discussions" (read as "lectures," really) do. Wish it would.
Study did maths homework and studied plants.
Plant materials no quiz because was apparently postponed to Thurs. Put Pieris floribunda on a Prunus serrulata 'Kwanzan' sheet. Very stupid move.
7th period Activity Period went to GSA and lead meeting. New email list, yay.
Back to Garden Design and I read my book through presentations. We are right on to another project. Please shoot me in the foot.

Home for my homework, which wasn't much.
Wanted to put in movie, of course decided on HP1 (haven't seen it in a while). Found it hilarious when McGonagall looked as though she was wearing two hats, since I have one sitting above my TV.
Work from 5-7. Need to learn patience for when I don't feel good, but did well. Work well with kids. Funny.
Came home and continued doing whatever. Parents invited me for movie.
Did Bio vocab. and watched Brave Heart or whatever, which I actually didn't like that much.
Uploaded another chapter to horned_fate which no one but Snoopy reads anyway.
Up and I'm going to read and go to bed instead of working or writing.
Don't feel good.

Worried about Bio Thurs. and finishing all my labs well. Getting as much extra credit as possible done. Hope my vocab. is done well enough (extra credit) even though a lot came from the glossary of the text book--hoping that is OK, it didn't mention needing to be in our own words anywhere. Need to answer the short answer questions.

Should sleep until 7 tomorrow and do the get-ready-in-five-to-ten-minutes thing. Should go put on tomorrow's outfit. That's probably gross but whatever.

Sleep time.

My hair is cute, added as an afterthought.
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