Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Today I was not happy to be back in school.
Spanish in the morning was tired and apparently I did the assignment in the wrong format.
Biology we did a viewer lab.
Pre-calc we took forever going over the same thing.
Lunch I saw alone and read.
Am. Lit. we went over vocab and I read my sentence on murder and Mr. Dufault laughed.
Plant materials I was too slow on everything but hopefully did well enough--not looking forward to the Plant ID quiz tomorrow.
Study I didn't do enough studying but got quite a bit of my maths homework done.
Interiorscapes we have another new project.
Question: why are vocational classes made up of projects?
My current answer: to inspire me to go out on co-op.

Hung around and Mrs. Fraser talked to me. Shaya was apparently absent today. Drove home and called work. Apparently didn't have to work today.

Drove to Snoopy's and "did homework." By "homework" I mean "go online, read and update writing journal, read in general, reminisce about junior high, and hear dead baby jokes from an old friend." Then I got down and studied and did work.

Today Acer told me after I mentioned (because it always comes up) that I'm more of a Hermione-Luna cross that I was actually leaning more toward Luna save for the obsession with school. That made me happy. Glad someone gets it. Though today I'm having a very choppy entry.

Thought about selfishness and attention. Left a comment on Snoopy's labeled girl. Need to find more time to write.

Came up with an idea on how to get Toast into my novel. Thinking it just might work. Need to find time to write.

More importantly, need to go do my ID sheets. Two studies tomorrow before Plant Materials. Need to spend some of the time studying the next five plants.

Geh shoot me now, please. But I'll be fine.
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