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Nano wrimo...

I did it again.
My novel is now at 40k words.
Tomorrow I'm going to do the 10k words before homework, so I don't cut it closet to the 11:59:59 deadline. I'm not worried, though.
This is turning out really well.
If I can't manage enough wordcount tomorrow through chapters, I'll add an epilogue at the end to rack up some extra words. It only needs to be 50k for nano wrimo: I can bulk it up or thin it down afterwards.
So yay, it's not two in the morning and I'm already done with my 10k.
I think I'm going to be better with my fanfics when I finish this.
I'll certainly be better with my SLEEP.
'Night, all.

'Kaythanksbyyyye. ~Cro.
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