Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

I am in a crabby mood. I have been painting and unpainting my nails. (And by unpainting, I mean scraping off my newly-painted nail polish.)

Mum said I can have people over tomorrow. I don't know why I find that pointless. I guess after all these years I still get the feeling that being home for New Year's = the stink.

And I honestly don't understand the world's fascination with getting drunk and high on New Year's. Maybe I just don't understand it because I never understand the want to be in an altered state of mind like that at all. It just seems stupid to me.

But people would think that complaining about New Year's is stupid, or that staying home is, or that NOT getting drunk and high is. So it's all about preference, isn't it?

Still, makes me sad. Because I would like to be with friends, but a lot of them will be getting drunk or high. Or I would like to be with adults, but a lot of THEM will be getting drunk or high. I'm just sick of it. I'm not particularly fond of drunk or high people--though drunk people tend to miff me more. The people I know seem pretty chill when they're high, and at least they're more entertaining in less of a "you are so disgustingly unfunny that I want to repeatedly smash my head against a wall until my brain crawls out of my ear and everything is spontaneously hilarious" way.

Do I sound bitter? Ohhhh haha yeah I guess so. Hi, future Kiwi! This is a sarcastic senior-in-high school Kiwi! And looking at current day society, and the glances I've had of colleges and universities, I think you'll be facing a similar problem from your place in the future! So I hope you've found a nice Sober Party like current-day Brad has, and that you're going to enjoy that! I hope your ten times less miserable than I am.

Maybe I'll go draw my interpretation of the new year or something. Geh. It's probably not worth having a gathering at my house. Maybe I'll just play DDR and Guitar Hero III. That's probably better than watching some overly shiny expensive ball drop anyway.

(This is an entry from a sour Kiwi. Supermarkets everywhere would like to use this as an example as to why you should always refrigerate your kiwis and eat them in good time. A sour kiwi is a thorn in the sides of you AND me! Now please turn to my corny, exaggerated smile and exit stage trapdoor!)

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