Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

I forgot how much I really, really love the 5th Harry Potter movie. Squee. I watched it last night and it was fantabulous. Luna is...guhhh +melts+. Yeah, that's about right.

Last night at Carla's was wonderful. I ate and chatted and then I wrote while we were all singing carols. There was a "guess the number of jelly beans in the cup" game and my brother, father and I discussed formulas for finding it out. <3. Great fun.

People complimented my corset all night long. I was kinda told to wear it every day of my life, haha. Maybe I'll just have to get a bigger assortment of them. I could do to get rid of a few regular shirts, since I have too many of those. =P.

It was nice talking with Robert. But my brother was in on the conversation too, and as much as I love him... I've realized that he really stinks at following the flow of conversation. Like, he'll talk, and I'll wait for him to finish. Then when there's a slight pause I'll begin to talk and...he takes up my point and starts talking through me, so I stop talking and wait for him again. I thought it would only be me. But no, he did the same thing as Robert--and I was really trying to listen to what Robert was saying! So I was a little miffed with that. Oh well.

Now I'm back home. I felt bad when I realized that today was going to be Wednesday, but then I thought, gee, I still have seven days of vacation! I've only used up four! So I have the amount that I've used up already, plus three days. Now I'm not so concerned about the amount of vacation left. Plus, I only really want time to chill out at home and write and eat and watch stuff and read.

Now I think the only thing I really want is a quill set, which my Da and I are working on. We want to find a good one. Other than that I may pick up a few cheap movies and books with some of the money I was given, but I think that's just about it. I'm glad that this wasn't a "stuff Christmas."

But I've decided to call it Chimbo, because Colin calls it Chimbo and it's wicked cool and he's too cool for school. (Which isn't a fab phrase, but I'm going to use it anyway, haha.)

So I hope you all had a happy Chimbo! (Or happy Chimbos. Somehow, pluralizing holidays sounds strange--made up names or no.)
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