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I Am A: Neutral Good Elf Ranger Druid

Neutral Good characters believe in the power of good above all else. They will work to make the world a better place, and will do whatever is necessary to bring that about, whether it goes for or against whatever is considered 'normal'.

Elves are the eldest of all races, although they are generally a bit smaller than humans. They are generally well-cultured, artistic, easy-going, and because of their long lives, unconcerned with day-to-day activities that other races frequently concern themselves with. Elves are, effectively, immortal, although they can be killed. After a thousand years or so, they simply pass on to the next plane of existance.

Primary Class:
Rangers are the defenders of nature and the elements. They are in tune with the Earth, and work to keep it safe and healthy.

Secondary Class:
Druids are a special variety of Cleric who serves the Earth, and can call upon the power in the earth to accomplish their goals. They tend to be somewhat fanatical about defending natural settings.

Mielikki is the Neutral Good goddess of the forest and autumn. She is also known as the Lady of the Forest, and is the Patron of Rangers. Her followers are devoted to nature, and believe in the positive and outreaching elements of it. They use light armor, and a variety of weapons suitable for hunting, which they are quite skilled at. Mielikki's symbol is a unicorn head.

Find out What D&D Character Are You?, courtesy ofNeppyMan (e-mail)

I am now excited to start D&D with Linschan, Makuchan, and Da. Maybe Ax, too, if he behaves himself. Mrow row. And I might go swimming with Linschan once a week.

Linschan brought up how my life is interesting and my relationships complicated and book-worthy, and how hers was plain. Being the realist I tend to be, I offered solutions: swimming weekly, book clubs, and D&D. So we're hoping to accomplish at least two out of the three.

She had said she didn't want to do them because she didn't want to do them alone. I had looked at the screen blanky. I made her aware that I'd be perfectly happy to do them with her. Weekly swimming wouldn't be hard if we found one day a week to have a sleepover here, and we could have D&D after that.

-Is excited.- Now novel!
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