Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus


Let me repeat:


I'm on blood-thinner. That's all fine and dandy.

My cycle this time was THIRTY-EIGHT days. Growl! Pain. Heeeeey, I'm good with the pain. I've had worse cramps. As long as they're not making me pass out, I'm fine and dandy.

But here I am, the leaking ruddy cauldron, and there are NO PADS to be found.

No wait. That would be less maddening. The ONLY PADS to be found are about an inch and a half wide (don't even cover the crotch of the stupid panties) and probably less than a centimeter effin' thick. Helpful much? Uhmmm nooooo, I thought not.

I enter the computer room for no apparent reason, because there's no reason to do anything else as I sit in my own yuckygross blood. Nag at my father. "What are you doing up?"

He looked up. "I'm playing. ...What are you doing up?" I stormed out of the room saying, "I'm looking for a ruddy PAD!" I then had to compliment my uselessly activated temper, for the only critters up in the house were male and the one other female resident--on her third day--was fast asleep.

I growled my way down the stairs, threw my extra panties and a condom* into my room. Realized I still wanted the extra panties, bent up the stairs to nab them, and realized my pug was now awake. I growled at him to go to sleep. Apparently FIXED males in the house also get no slack when Kiwi is on her moondays.

I was too miffed to use my cane so I walked down to the downstairs bathroom, where I found that we had even fewer pads--not even those poor-excuse-for-a-pad strips of nigh tissues. I had to settle on an extra large tampon which is horrid because I HATE sleeping in them. I won't be getting more than 8 hours, though, so I don't have anything to worry about really.

I added one of the tissue-thin-pads for 'extra' protection, because I always need it. Growled at the males all over again, and shook my fist at the Gods/Universal Spirits/everything else for the processes of the female gender.

I'm now in a marvelously cranky mood. I growled at myself in the mirror because I was miffed. Too peeved to even laugh at the fact that I had just growled at myself. But is seemed fair, I suppose. I growled at everyone ELSE.

I'll growl at mother tomorrow morning, I'm sure.

Lots and lots of growling. Maybe I would be a dog, and not a cat. But I don't quite think so. Just a very catty cat, grin.

* -- I got condom's from Boston Pride. My mother gave them to my brother. One was on his dresser for no apparent reason. I picked it up and asked if I could have it back. He said sure. I noted that it didn't matter that he was the one who would actually NEED them. He mentioned in a preoccupied manner that they would have been useful about six months ago. Hard as I pressed, he didn't give. He went back to reading Harry Potter 7.

But as a curious cat of a sibling, I swore to him I will release the secrets. Only to myself of course. Wouldn't tell the parental units.

Giggle. If it's true, it means my brother got action before I did. Which is really pretty neat, I think. Congrats to him I guess. It's really fine by me--he's not as I am.

But I am patient! And so everything will work out fine. :).

Back to writing.

I have the book. If you don't know what book I mean, it doesn't concern you. Chuckle.

'Hogwarts' Square was a blast. Butterbeer was neat. Was a bad Kiwi tease. Oops. Innocent face. Maybe I'll go into more detail on a later date, but I'm not sure. My memory is very off at the moment.

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