Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Back from Maine. Got one text message from el-jay people (which I adored!) but that was it. I was a bit saddened. I cried, I healed, I'm alright. I can understand why people wouldn't call.

TJ called and he learned about my upcoming hip replacement. Had questions about general anesthesia, and I told him I've been under it four times.

Today while I was doing my character list for English I called everyone who had her on my contact list and no one was available. Makuchan called back and gave me the information I needed. McSpleeny called back to tell me it probably wasn't due tomorrow 'cause we aren't supposed to be done with the book.

I went swimming today. I was self-conscious about being in a bathing suit, but I managed alright. Plowed right into the very cold water and dove. I stood there with everything but my neck and head in the water, listening and watching and feeling and smelling and tasting. I stopped being cold...or really, I didn't. I felt the earth under my toes, the water embracing me, the cold surfacing me, my own heat pressing out and enveloping me, and the air above me. I felt utterly connected and at peace. It was wonderful. One of the best feelings I've felt. I then swam about and had a jolly good time, giggling and all.

/Now I'm home doing Mrs. Hoegler's work. I'll be tired tomorrow, but it's alright. Mrs. Cav won't be in because she'll be at her aunt's burial. She's relieved to have the extra day to get herself together. I'm glad she has it. I'll sure miss her.

We talked for 45 minutes on Saturday. I had sent her one reply to an email before that, sent another later that night. She replied while I was online on Sunday but I haven't replied yet 'cause I'm not in the mood to write an email. But goodness I love that woman.

She said she loves me too, as hard as it is for me to hear and as hard as it is for her to say--because I'm a student. She says it'll be easier when I graduate, that we'll be peers. It's the first time she's mentioned our relationship beyond graduation. I knew there would be one, but I'm just so glad to hear her say something about it. About the change that will come, because we both know there will be one.

Anyway. I better get cracking on the work. I don't know how other students can procrastinate and write a paper at this hour. I remember I used to be able to, but what a silly thing for me to attempt now! Glad I'm not writing a paper. Just some random loose ends for my English teacher. Nothing huge.

Oh. A picture from Maine! It's from a cell phone so it isn't too great of quality and I liked it much better small, but here it is.

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Night everyone!
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